Latest news 30th May 2015

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Do you know that saying about 'best laid plans'?
Well I have to apologise to anyone who's been waiting all this time for the 'Golden Eagles' which were coming soon.
I'm so sorry. (I must also apologise for not updating the site more often. This will now change).

Needless to say, as soon as I'd put those words on the website, lots of things occurred which put the Eagles further and further back down the itinerary.
My day job changed and this impacted my whole lifestyle greatly, with training courses initially and following that, limitations on available painting time due to longer work shifts.
Not only this, but projects for other people come before mine and so the Spitfire, Reds and Lightning paintings all leapfrogged the Eagles, relegating them into last place.
They will make an appearance in the end.........
.....but not before another two pictures which are also in progress (one is almost finished now).

So here we go again with some news:- 'Coming Soon'....

First up is a smaller (16" x 12") original Oil showing two Mirage 2000-5s in the French Alps having just flown between Aiguille Du Midi and Mont Blanc (please see the initial rough concept sketch here).
This one is now near very near completion. In fact it's so near that I think I'd rather wait until it's actually finished before putting it up on the site. You won't have long to wait.

The second one is a full sized 36" x 24" oil painting of a Swiss F/A-18C of Staffel 11, pulling up hard in front of the Monch in the Bernese Oberland, Swiss Alps.
This one has everything in place on the canvas and just needs the small details adding.
I'll be updating this section and the website much more often in future, so keep calling back if you're interested to see how these two projects are coming along.

....And Eagle fans, please don't be disheartened because rest assured there will be an F-15 painting on here soon if I have anything to do with it.

Cheers for now. Bob.