New additions to the 'Aviation People' section 17th June 2015,
plus forthcoming projects news.

Article text
Recent Joint Warrior participants, the USAF 56th Rescue Squadron, provided some really interesting subjects to work on with the pencil again.
You can check these latest additions out in the 'Aviation People' section. I'll probably be adding some more of these in between paintings, if I can.

Forthcoming projects:-
It's now back to work again on the full sized Swiss F-18 Hornet painting that I first mentioned back in the May news article.
This is a 36" x 24" picture in 'old money' measurements. The painting is now at the detailing stage and I hope to be showing you the finished article in the very near future.

Beyond that....unless something else crops up to change the order the next subject I'll be looking at will be the F-15 Eagle.